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Good to Go

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I've been shooting photos for over 30 years. Back in high school and my days in college, I developed film and prints in a lab. There was something magical about taking exposed film into a darkroom and slowly seeing the images come to life. There was something surreal about the entire process. Standing in crimson light and seeing the images appear under the liquid chemicals. I can still remember what it smells like to be in those darkrooms and have many prints from those days.

Today the technology offers a different kind of magic. Many aspects of the process are faster. I can capture an image and see the general results on the camera LCD screen right away.  In particular, the magic that new technology provides is freedom and creativity. I can capture, creatively process and deliver images like never before. The results are often stunning. I'm delighted when the vision that I captured transforms into an image that I can share with others.

Let's make some images, I'm good to go! 

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