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The 12 of 12 Photo Project

The 12 of 12 Photo Project is a fun photo exercise that I and a lot of others do. On the 12th day of the month you take photos and post your 12 best / favorite to a site (of your choice) and share it with others who are also doing the same. The purpose is to capture a day of your life / day experience and show what a "normal" day looks like. By doing this on the 12th day, your day for shooting might fall on a weekend or a Monday or a Thursday or ... you get it. The point is not to only take photos on a "special" day, but to capture a normal day in 12 photos. Here's a link to our photos over the years: Here's a link to a place where a lot of our listeners post their images to:

Update: It's now the end of the day and we've finished taking our photos. Here is the selection of 12 photos for June:


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